Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop judging

Ok screw it...I started out on this sweet blog about playing for keeps...then I had a thought...that changed what I want to say I go.

I am a changing...deep women. Now for me thats a bold statement cause this is what most people see...a hyper, obnoxoius, loud, and distracted girl. I have a past that proves all of that...but I have a present that shows different...but people cant seem to get the past out of their heads and thats how they judge and look at me...the past is dead.

They wait and expect a stupid comment to come out of my mouth...then they make comments they think are funny which by the way are hurts and cuts deep...people who are the closest to me...are the ones you cut the deepest.

I enjoy talking about world issues, and dreams others have...I enjoy gettin deep into peoples minds and hearts...I want to know them...not who they appear to be...when are people going to stop thinking I am that girl that makes them laugh...or says the stupid thing...or reads a picture book.

I say I read something and someone instantly has a remark what a childrens I wish they knew how much that the pain inside grows bigger...cause someone may have said that to me 5min earlier.

I am smart and I will change the world...and I am not that loud, obnoxoius, girl...I am a world changing, smart, women...and you will see it someday...stop judging people by their past and give them the stage for once...let them be noticed and real and you will change their world.