Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Have a great Summer!

I am goin to the ranch...its become a reality today as I shopped with Dawn for some stuff for the ranch. I am goin to Eagles Nest Ranch in a couple of days and will be gone for the summer. The sad part is one of my good friends Mary is moving back to Ontario in a week and a half and this is the last couple of days I will see her for awhile. I will miss her tons. We have really gotten close in the last couple of months and its been great. Well I am excited for the ranch and also scared at the same time. I know I will do fine and it will be a great experiance...but there are other things on my mind and well I need to get over them. So everyone have a great summer and I will update my blog on the weekends so you all can see how my summer is goin. Nikki Out!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer is here

Well summer is now around the corner like it came fast...and I am off to the ranch for the summer this week. It's kinda scary and exciting all at the same time. I dont want to go and I do want to go its so confusing. But I know thats where I need to be for the summer so I am off. I am having one of those days where you just want to be alone but you know its not a good idea if you are left alone...you know those days everyone has them. No matter how much I am having I cant seem to get my mind off of certian things. Everyone seems to think I am overreacting or worring about stupid things but for real things are a bigger deal to me then they are to others. No matter how much someone tells you not to worry you still do. I am sure some of my friends are getting sick of me complaining or what they call it overreacting but for real I am sick of life sometimes...I just want to sit in my room and do nothing. I am laying it all out here because I am starting to think that sharing my life with the faceless world I see on here is better. Its better and makes me feel happier. I feel like I am alone at times and I know I am not because I always have God who is my daddy...I love that speaking of daddy's. Tomorrow is Father's Day...and I say who cares. Not an important day for me nope I dont celebrate it...no one to celebrate it with...my father left my mom before I was even born. And I dont see it as a big deal untill this day...my friends are all busy with their dads tomorrow and some of my other friends have their own plans for tomorrow and what am I goin to do...sit here by myself and pretty much toture myself with my thoughts. Yeah lame I know but whatever. Well I think I am done ranting for now...there may be more before I leave if not I will leave updates on the summer on here...let this summer be a change and come back new and stronger and refreshed.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I got my net back

Ok so this is what happend my internet was broken and I couldnt go on since monday...I know thats a long time I was going through withdrawl. But lets update on Nikki's life I have been hanging out with Jelea and Mary lots and thats about it...I have had an allright week. It was my last day of work today for the summer. I am leaving for Eagles Nest Ranch next week...I am excited but worried at the same time. Also Mary is leavin us soon and this is the last weekend I get to hang out with her its so sad. I dont want her to leave me...but life goes on and we have plans right girls. Hmm what else to say...so since I didnt have the internet I have done a lot more too and I have actually went to bed and yeah...wow my life is boring I dont know what to say...so I am out and will update before I leave again.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The weekend that time stood still...

Well this weekend was amazing there is soo much to say and I may forget some of the things I want to say...but here it goes. This weekend Mary, Jelea and I went to Regina we didnt tell anyone we were leaving or where we were going...we just wanted a girls weekend getaway and it was a blast. So we left friday after work and thats when the madness I mean fun started. The ride up to Regina felt quick and it was a blast with the three of us we laughed so hard and bonded a lot. So we got to Regina late I actually dont remember what time...we went to Jelea's aunts condo and had a dessert called creme brule(I dont know the correct spelling) and it wasnt bad but I prob wouldnt have it again. Then we went to bed cause we needed sleep and we wanted to get up early in the morning. Ok so 9:00am saturday morning came and we got out of bed. We had decided that we were going to get haircuts so off we went to get some hair cuts. Well that was the longest I have ever waited to get a hair cut. We waited forever while these older women took their time on these other peoples hair. Then we got ours...I got the most cut off my hair is now just below my ears. I like it tho...we also highlighted my hair as well. It was fun...while we were waitng we had constant crituqing going on from the critic also name Mary but it so funny. I had fun...so then after we all got hair cuts off we were to do some shopping oh and eat at Wendys. We went to Old Navy and we also went to Chapters(which we spent and hour and a half in), we went to the Roughriders store and I said go Eskimo's while in the store ha ha. Um we took some great pics around Regina. Then we went back to the condo and after that off to the farm. Well thats what we thought...we decided to go past the farm to get milkshakes from this supposidly amazing place...so we went to Indian Head ha ha and we got some funny pictures there too. We got these milkshakes and they were amazing oh my goodness I loved them. I needed batteries so I wanted to stop at this store...well you know how in scary movies there is always this sketchy store and when you go in something bad happens and you dont come out well that is what this store looked like I thought that I was not going to come out of this place...so in I went and they had all different kinds of batteries but not the ones I needed I was a little angry but got over it fast. So then Jelea took us to the farm where she grew up and it was cool to see that. Then we drove around this little town and looked at stuff and that was cool to. Now off to the farm(we should have been there by now) we needed to get there for supper...another scary moment for Nicole. You know how in scary movies the young adults always go down this long dirt road and something bad happens well thats what this felt like. I was actaully scared it was cool tho cause the water from the puddles were going higher then the car. Well we made it to the farm...this was a cool time. We went to the barn to play with the kittens but we didnt have much time cause we needed to have supper. We had a great meal...we had steak and potatoes and stuff it was awesome. After supper we went out to play in the rain and on the farm...it was like a step back in time and it was awesome...Mary got these rubber boots to go out in and Jelea and I just wore our runners. Oh man it was muddy out there...so we went back to the barn to play in the hay...then we went out to this big yard. We played on machinery and Mary played in a cow pattie...ha ha that was funny. Then we decided to climb hay bails...wow that was funny. I got stuck between two of them trying to get up I finally got up and was dirty and wet. Then I wanted down...ha ha I got down without falling. Wish I could say that about Jelea...she said guys its easy look yeah easy eh...she came down and hit a mud patch and wham fell on her butt ha ha that was funny...it was easy tho remember that. Then we went back in the houe for pie and to finish the hockey game. After that we went back into Regina to dye my hair and hang out for a bit. Then we went to bed and we slept in the next morning and didnt go to church we needed sleep. Then Jelea took us to this amazing restraunt mmm it was so good. Then we went to cosco...yeah that was kinda boring...then we went back to chapters on our way out of town(spent another hour there again...Mary finished a book she had started the day before) yeah that was fun too. The ride home was great too we had laughed so much this weekend and prob embarrassed our selves so much this weekend that it was awesome. Hey Mary...who is Pam Stenzel ha ha. This was a weekend for the memory books.

Ok for real I havent had this much fun in ages...like the title of my blog says this was the weekend that time stood still. It was like we were kids and we got to do whatever we wanted..it was like life didnt exist and there was nothing to think about or do. It was like straight out of a movie you know when girls go on a road trip and have the time of their lives and bond so much and its just amazing. I will never forget this road trip it was probably the greatest thing that has happend to me this year. I experianced something this weekend that was amazing...I got to experiance Sask differently which made me appreciate it more. I got to experiance a farm in a different way and it was totally awesome...but most importantly I got to experiance true friendship. These are two people that I can see myself knowing forever no matter how far apart we are. This weekend was like cement and it left our friendships concrete. I love the two of them and I am glad that I got to spend a weekend with them. It was truly unforgettable. I didnt even want this weekend to end...I have never laughed this much in my entire life time and it was awesome. I didnt even want to come home. I wanted it io last forever. Thanks guys for giving me an amazing weekend to leave all our worries behind and have a great time. We made a memory..and I will always love the two of you. Who would have thought Sask would be so much fun.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Be the world to them...

Their little hands and little feet are very busy
Sometimes you wish they weren’t
Their eyes that look at you and say love me
And at the same time thinking about what to do next
Their questions are so interesting
But sometimes inconvenient
Their arms swing at others
But also wrap around you
Their words so true and sometimes hurt
But other times they make you feel on top of the world
They are the world’s most precious gift
Sometimes you just want to get away from them
Their minds don’t fully understand
But at the same time so full of wisdom
The secret of life lies within them
They believe in you and believe you are the world
They believe they can do anything
Nothing is impossible
There is so much to learn from them
They are full of honesty, compassion, generosity, love, and patience
Yet they are looked down upon
And treated badly
And left to be alone
They deserve the world, so give it to them
They are children and cant speak for themselves
Nicole Andrews 22

This is a poem I wrote today. I love children so much and they are so important. And yet you hear on the news everyday that one has been abducted or killed. Its right in our own city...everyday at work I see a hurting child and they arent supposed to be hurting they are supposed to be left to be children. To enjoy the world...to be happy. I see everything from physically abused children to emotionally abused to children to children who are angry at the world. It breaks my heart to see that the world is so cruel that children even have to deal with it. Adults are the world to a child they look up to you. And yet we still break their trust...and yet we still dissapoint them. Everyday we are destroying the worlds future...everyday we are ruining a piece of happiness in one childs life. There is so much to learn from them...they know how to dream...they know how to believe in you and most important they know how to cheer you up when you are sad. They care about you and always ask whats wrong...they will never let you down. Then why are we letting them down? Why arent we making the world a better place for them? They believe in you. Then why dont we believe in them? I jsut want to say next time a child is just getting on your nerves and you are getting frustrated with them. Next time you look down on a child. Next time you think that someones child that is throwing a fit in wal-mart is bad. Next time you think those thoughts. Think what did we do to make them like that? What can we do to make it better? Be the world to a child...they will never let you down.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I want to be like an ant

I want to be as strong and as big as an ant. Ok now before you say here goes Nicole again or get weirded out think about this...an ant can carry 20 times its body weight now imagine if we could do that much work. Also ants are very fast the legs of the ant are very strong so they can run very quickly. If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse. Wow that would be cool...so you are probably wondering why I got on this topic. Well I was watching an ant pull a feather today and I was thinking how amazing it is for that little ant to carry such a big item. Did you know ants are a very neat and tidy creature too. They work really hard thats all they live for its crazy. Now think about this if humans could get as much work done as an ant you know how many things would be finished in this world. If we were as dedicated to our work as an ant we would all love our jobs and be good at them. I was a little stressed out about work today but watching this ant made the stress disapear. And now lets look at the size of an ant...its very small and not many people notice the work that they do...there is something there that I want...yeah I want to do all that work but not get credit cause God deserves all the credit...but just think being that small and getting all that work done...people would know its God then. I think there is some truth in an ants life we need to be more like the ants. Now dont get me wrong they are annoying and pesky at times. But think about their size and strength. To me thats powerful. God made ants for a reason they have a purpose and maybe to teach us something. I dont know you may think this is lame but I got revelation out of an ants life today. I want to be like an ant small but powerful.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Where is my prince charming?

Sometimes I hate being a girl....being so emotional and feeling so helpless. Dont get me wrong it has its ups too but for real. God wired us so weird and I sometimes hate it. Like you all know I am 22 years old and soon I will be 23 and there is no guy in sight even for me. I thought there was but I guess I was wrong about it. Hmmmm maybe I will be single for the rest of my life I dunno but soon it will be like I am old and never have anyone....and be alone forever. Ok I am sure most of you didnt expect this to come from me...cause yes I am happy being single I got true revelation on this...but I dont want to be single for the rest of my life...I am almost mid twenties and I want something to happen you know for me to meet him and hang out with him as a friend and then a relationship bloom. I dream of that. My knight in shining armour with his white horse coming to rescue me from this nightmare I am in....thats who I want. And I am ready. Ok yeah I know I am prob not but for real I want it to happen. Well I dont know what else to say I just wanted to rant about this for a bit and now that its out I am good.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dreams do come true!

Well everyone I had a great day. Today marked a new chapter in my life. I graduated college. You see in high school it was something I was never interested in I didnt want to go to college...so I took three years off. Then after that I went to the Medicine Hat College and embarked on a new journey one that I thought was going to be easy. Well wasnt as easy as I had thought but it was a good trip. Some people try to tell me it was an easy program and that it wasnt as important as becoming a doctor but you know....I am still proud of it. This program was a two year program and it is called Early Childhood Development. It was fun and I learned a lot for the most part when I went to class...and when I stayed awake and payed attention...so for the two days in the entire two years that happend I learned a lot...ha ha just kidding I payed attention for more then two days. But anyways the odds were against me and graduating college was only a dream that I thought I would never attain but I did. And it was great. So all you people in high school who thought that I would never make it....I did! A dream came true today. Also thank you for those of you who came to my grad it really meant a lot to me. I really wanted to celebrate it with my friends who stuck by me through the whole thing...thanks guys. Also to those who remembered about me this day thank you for everything the cards and the flowers...I didnt expect it all I wanted was to be in good company but I got that and more. I am truly thankful. I am now a Childcare Professional and I am going to do this job as best as I can. Thank you God for this gift and the chance to go to school and a chance to beat the odds.