Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life like a musical

My life is like a musical...emotional and you can take that the way you can mean it sucks or its the way I love musicals so dont diss them...but the point I am tryin to get at is me and my be this person...who you be the one who listens to God and does what He be on fire to have life and passion...I want to change Canada...I want all these things...but sometimes it feels as of the world hates me...and the sad song starts playing...I fall to the ground and no matter what I do it doesnt please tells me what I cant do...but I know inside of me thats not who I am...I dont let people walk on me...I dont...I am strong but I cant go do you feel when you push me do you feel when you win and I have nothing left...I hope it feels good...because you win for now...I am gettin my fight back and I will stand up.