Sunday, July 29, 2007

My heart

Well camp this week was incredable...the things that the children shared and learned amazing...but most of all my dreams are comin true.

I have been doin a lot of searching inside me...I have been doin a lot of teaching with these children...but now my friends its time for me to share my heart with you all.

You all know that I have a deep passion for children...and some of you know that I love politics well its becoming time to start going towards the goal of becoming a politician...I have decided that I need to take some schooling and need to work on that goal...all week I was teachin kids that they can change the world...and to not just sit there...well I need to take my own I am not goin to share all the details on here cause nothing is set in stone...but let me tell you september is goin to be great and I am goin to start changin canada...have a great week friends see you all soon.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Revelation off the zipline

So I conquered my fear of heights and went off the zipline here at the was a great time and scary at the same time...but I got some sweet revelation off of it...there is this bridge that you have to cross its a rope bridge and its pretty wrong step and you fall through but you are safe cause you are attached to a safety...then you get to the yellow tower and you have to jump off the zipline and when you first jump off it feels like you are goin to fall to your death...and then the harness catches you and you are safe...well I got some deep revelation on this zipline.

Walkin the bridge is like your walk with wrong step and you wrong move and you are done...its long and hard and takes a lot of w ork and definitly cant do it on your own so you need your harness or you could die...then you get to the yellow tower and thats when you need to take your leap of faith and trust in God...thats when you just need to go and pray that the harness is goin to hold you...and the harness is God and at first it doesnt feel like it has you and then it does it catches you just like God catches us...and takes our fear away.

I am very afraid of hieghts and I went up this thing...and just went for it and conquered it this is my year of victory...and I need to hang on to that...I need to keep fighting and never let go of my harness in life which is God...because if I do I am goin to fall I am goin to die.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Done week two of kids

Well this week was busy...but it was fun I had a blast...just for all you out there I am learning a lot about myself and how I handle frustration and stress...this year at ENR has been harder then last...and I dunno what it is...its just been hard...but I dunno what else to update you all in this note...except to say there has been a lot of physical attacks and stuff on people so prayer for that would be awesome...and yeah I can update you more later. Miss you all.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well we offically had our first week of camp and I had some good times and bad times...but let me share my week...the kids were amzing minus the fact that I think they all have hearing problems...but anyways I was sitting there thinkin one day...I am parenting their parents arent here I am the one they go to so that means I am the parent of 19 children wow that was kind of a scary thought...anyways the kids made me laugh and angry in the same hour...the kids made my heart break and frustrated in the same hour...God has been teachin me a lot of things this summer...and its all been great but you see its also been super hard cause the season I am comin into is goin to have great battles but even greater victories...I am not lookin forward to leavin this place and its a good thing cause its not even half over...I am doin DCI in the fall but am not totally sold on it...I would love to just go places and travel and spend my life doing that....I am growing lots and changing lots and seeing things from a different yeah....some prayer for guidance would be awesome and prayer for the ENR staff and children because its been a harder summer this year...but the victory has been sweet...also I have made many new friends I hope to keep in touch with...they are awesome and I love thats the update of my summer I will dtop a line later...Nikki Out!