Wednesday, August 30, 2006

God is stinkin amazing

Ok well God is amazing...I just like you to know...although He doesnt want me to move to Ontario :( He is still amazing. So I have big dreams right...and I want them to be fullfilled well I have a feeling that God is pushing me forward and tellin me to not throw in the towel. Its funny cause just when you are close to your break through you want to give up...well I am not giving up. I am goin to run this race and be as hungry as I have always been maybe even hungrier...I dunno if thats a word or not but whatever. I know that I am a world changer God gave me that name a long time ago and I finally as of today really actually believe it. I am gonna change my world...people will know God cause He is goin to use me and all the glory will be givin to Him. I just wanted to say this fine evening that God is good. And its time for the leader in me to take over.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What I want

Ok well I had an ok is so amazing...I love my job...I dont know many people who can say that but I really do. So as for my last blog...for those of you who seem to know my life better then me I know I was supposed to be in church that day gosh I am not stupid...I was just sayin that there was another person that needed to hear that...I am not judgeing my friends...I dont do that...even tho they think I do but whatever who needs them. I have new friends that will help me out...ones that arent goin to leave me...ones that will be there for me...and they have proven they care. Just when I was gonna throw in the towel God gave me good friends...I am still gonna do my own thing for a bit but it doesnt mean I dont love my God anymore cause I do. He is the only Father I have ever known and I love Him tons...I just want to do what I want. So I decided that I am not havin a birthday party anymore...if you wanted to come to one then too bad...I am doin my own thing. Just so you all know I dont need anyone to preach at me while I am on this kick...that would prob push me further away and I already know the stuff you want to tell me...I have heard it many times...this is a choice...and I am choosing to do this...thats what I want the world to know. I already know what will happen I already know why I shouldnt do it...I already know that stuff....too bad I am doin it...I dont care what people think. All I need is friends not preachers. Although I have had a great conversation with a couple of people this week that have helped. I just wish they didnt live so far away so I could visit them. Well that is all I have to say for now.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My beautiful cave

Well I know some of you know about my cave...well I am retreating to my cave once again...certian things have happened over the last few days that I am just not happy about....I have friends who just dont care what you say to help them...because for their own selfish reasons they want to have what they want...even tho everyone can see that its wrong they are today was about waiting and I know a couple of people who should have heard or listened to that sermon...anyways this is me saying screw the world I am goin to retreat to my cave and if I call you or talk to you...that means you are one I am not hiding from...the rest of you see you later...I dont know dont wait

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Well its been a week since I have been home and its been allright. I went back to work and love it...I missed my job. So home is different now and I am still not sure I like it. The people are different some are gone due to school and life here in this city that once brought me happiness well its not that great. I really want to move to either Edmonton or Ontario and looks like Ontario is the way I am goin. I dunno exactly when but Jelea and are tryin to figure that out. Dont get me wrong I love my city...I love it a lot but its not the city I am leavin. Its more the people and also I am lookin for an adventure. I tottaly believe that Med Hat is goin to change Canada and I want to be a part of it but right now I just need a break from here. In my heart I will always be a hatter no matter where I live. So today I am missing my summer home even more then I have before. I really miss those people that I became friends with over the summer. Not only did they become friends but they became family and I love them all. I love change and that is also why I want to move away for change. I love the idea of taking all my things and starting over somewhere else. I have never even been to that side of Canada. So this would be a great adventure. There is only one thing holding me back and keeping me here and that is my job. I love it so much and they would not want me to leave its actually a scary thought to actually have to tell them. You know what tho in all due time I will decide where I am goin and what I am doin. So for now I will continue to hang out with myself...I have hung out with my friends a few times since I have been home but I am havin more fun right now beina hermit...this time its not because I am tryin to avoid the world so dont get all worried with the hermit thing. This time its cause I need some alone time and my personality has changed so that is why I like the alone time. Well I gotta go there is a HUGE oreo cake waiting for me and I need to eat it so have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It is time

Well like the title says it is is time for a lot. Now is the time for us to get rid of this lazy and apathetic spirits off of ourselves including me. I have sat here too long and let things slide...I have let the enemy come into my life and steal things that dont belong to him but belong to God. Now is the time to take back what he has stolen and rejoice in the Lord. It is time to throw the tables over in our own cities and not put up with the garbage and religious spirits. We as in young adults need to start a revolution in our cities so that they can be on fire for God. So that the generation below us has a hope and so that they can have the torch passed on to them. I am not goin to sit here anymore and watch my city go to hell...I love this city too much to see that. I am goin to take a stand and put myself in the line of fire so that Medicine Hat can see that Medicine Hat can that Medicine Hat can change Canada and eventually the world. My dreams are huge but I know that my God is a big God and He can make them all come true. Ultimatly its a choice....are you willing to put yourself out there...are you willing to stand in the gap...are you willing to get out of your comfort zone. I know I am...I cant sit here anymore and watch the people that I love go to is I said at the beggining of the year...this is the year. I am willing to loose it all cause I know that God has an abundance for me...I know that some of my friends will be left behind but loosing them and gaining more of God is worth it...I am ready. This is your year...God will bless you with the measure that you give one thing I can say is start a revolution. Watch out cause there is a new Nicole in town.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

All finished

Well I did it....I finished my summer at Eagles Nest Ranch....and it was awesome. Dont get me wrong there were definitly hard times but most of it was amazing. I want to go back next year....I know some of you are thinkin that I didnt even want to go in the first place but now that I went I am happy I went. It was so great being there I made new friends no wait let me change that....I made new family members...yeah thats better. I learned a lot and my life is changed. This summer was one of the most life changing amazing experiances of my life and I will never forget it. I did things I never thought I could do...and this years theme was revolution. I want to start a recolution here in my workplace in my friends and in my family....I have new dreams and I am excited to see these things come to pass. I learned this summer that I can ACTUALLY do ALL things through know people have told me that but I for real this time believe it for once...its amazing. My level with God has grown and I know that. I know things are goin to be different and I am ok with it. I am excited to rest this week and then go back to work. I am excited to keep in touch with the amazing people that I met and to get to know them even more. I am just in a great mood I am a lil tired right now cause its almost 3am and I havent got that much sleep this week but its all good. I just wanted to say I am home and I have more to say but I think its bed time I want to go to church tomorrow so I will update you more later....nite all.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

One week left

Ok so I know I havent posted in awhile...I have been too busy to post but here is a post and this is also an update. Enr is so amazing in every way...I have made new friends, I have had new experiances, I have broken down walls, I have affected childrens lives, I have just had the time of my life. But I have also lost friendships, I have had mental breakdowns, I have had hard times. So it has been hard too. I have a changed attitude and things at home seem different...all I want right now is to be home I miss home...but I know when I come home things are goin to be different certian friendships I may not keep cause they are very good for me and others its cause I am not close to them yeah things have changed this summer has definitly been a summer of change and I really enjoyed this experiance but I am ready to come home. One more week left and I am goin to give it my all and then I am goin to come home and rest and the go back to reality...cause out there reality doesnt exist. My birthday is in a month and I love birthdays...mmmm cake...anyways I am excited also cause Mary is comin to the hat woohoo...and when I get home I get to hang out with Jello a bit before she leaves I am so excited for that. I just want to say I need a lot of prayer this next week things are gettin tough and I am goin to loose my mind so if guys could remember me in prayer that would be awesome...well I am out talk to you all in a week.