Saturday, June 26, 2010

They will catch it...this I know

Who would have known this is where I would be in 2010. Sitting on my balcony in Montreal listening to the hum of the highway. Well Daddy I guess you knew. Who would have known that I would be this person today someone that is completely unrecognizable to the past. Who was I then? Oh it doesn't matter, its who I am today that matters. Who am I you ask? A nanny, a student, a runner, a friend. No none of those things, I am a child of the Most High, loved like no else and cherished more then I know. Montreal a passionate city, but broken. I don't know sometimes why you brought me here. Then I look into a women's eyes, where I see loss and emptiness and I remember. The love you want to pour out on these people, your heart grieves for your lost children, you are calling them home. Daddy what do I have to offer in all this? Ahh I get it, I see and feel you, sharing you is all I can do and that's what you want. Open their eyes Daddy, soften their hearts. My heart is broken for them. Your love is beautiful and amazing never in this world would I have imagined this life. And its only going to get better from here. If my dreams are not yours please take them away as I only want what you want. Can you hear that? The laughter, the dancing oh I can its the people when this city catches it. Look at the smiles and the pure joy, when this city catches it, no one will be able to stop them as they are a passionate people. Show me more. The are like children playing and dancing in the streets haha such a beautiful sight. Sharing what they have so no one goes without. I see it this is your city, these are your children and the will catch it. Do you see the beauty, of course you do, your God. Show me your heart Daddy. Oh that hurts, look at the women weeping, the child hurting, the lonely man and the blind. Embrace them don't let go, meet them don't lose sight. Sickness, disease, famine and strife have no place in my city. I can see it now the bigger picture, your tower is big enough for them all. They will see that this righteousness is attainable and they will see that they also can be loved. This I know.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Adventures = New Perspective

Ok I know I have said this before but this time its for real I am gonna start blogging again. I always think nothing new happens in my life why should I blog all the time and what not but new things are always happening. If different things didnt happen every day we wouldnt grow.

So the biggest new thing tho is I joined a running club. I have been running with a friend and on my own at times and realized I really like it. Also I am not that bad at it. So I wanted to become a runner and get better and go farther with it. So I joined this group and we have a coach and everything and its intense. I enjoy every minute of it even when I am in pain. I love being pushed sometimes its annoying in the moment but at the end I am like that was good...I am glad the coach pushed me...even tho I normally feel like I am goin to die. I always try new things and then quit and then try somethin else and then quit. But this is something I found I like and am ok at and I dont want to quit this. Its in the keeping going where we find perseverance and determintation. Also running gives you a high...a natural high. I love it so much I love the feeling of getting a new personal record and I love the feeling of all my muscles screaming at me to stop and I keep pushing. I just love it. I have been sleeping much better and more happy since I started running...and when I run on my own there is more time for me to talk to God and just get closer to Him.

I am not sure if this is a natural talent I have always had or even have but I do love running and honestly cant wait for my first race. I biked 50km in the freezing rain on a thing called Tour de L'ile I can certanitly do anything now I believe. So my advice to you all is...if you have something you want to do and just thought you never could or your too old or whatever it is...just do it...just try because its ok to long as you get back up again...and to try is not to fail but its not trying thats just go for it. I cant wait to see what God does in all your lives. I will update you more on my adventure I am inspired by something bigger then me and need to share it with the world.