Saturday, July 22, 2006

Week Three and Four

Hey all sorry I didnt make a week three blog I just ran out of time and couldnt make one so I am goin to try and do both weeks on this one. Week three was pretty cool it was the second week with the kids and 153 of them got saved now thats sweet. I clicked with the girls in my cabin right away and it was awesome...there were times tho when I did want to go home and not stay there...its been really hard spirtuatly for me out there but its been also ok...umm I am meeting a lot of really cool people out there that I will be friends with after the summer is over. Week four was cool as well it was the same age group as the week before which was 9-12 they are a fun group of kids. This week I didnt feel as tired in the middle of the week just at the end I was extremly tired. I have four more weeks left and its exciting to see everything that goes on...but it also sucks when people are getting attacked by the sucks because this is a family to spend all your time with them and then when they are hurt or feel sad you also feel that. Well that is all I have to say I would appreciate your prayers out there cause it is hard for me spiritualy...and next week is the junior high week it will be fun. Well see you all next weekend.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Week Two

Well the kids came this week...this is the first week with them....and let me tell you it was hard. I had fun and dont get me wrong I fell in love with each one of them. The first day was ok gettin to know them and stuff but by the end I was starting to get really tired but I also ended up being sick. So camp is so fun and I had great conversations with my girls and some of them tested my patience but in the end it was worth it. I had breakthrough with a couple of them and I saw a real smile from them...there was one girl in particular that made my week. She loved camp and didnt want to go home cause home isnt that great...then just before the buses were leaving something amazing happened that made this worth it. Let me tell you a bit first about her...she had this depressed look all week and was pretty much quiet about her life but she did open up to dawn and I and that was neat to see but on the bus at the end when we were saying goodbye...she had a real smile...the first and only smile I had seen all week a real one. It broke my heart and I just bawled....I couldnt keep myself together she saw real love...that is what makes me want to keep pressing on...that is what makes me want to keep fighting and showing these kids Jesus...cause God is so amazing. I am home for the weekend to get some rest and do some laundry but I go back on sunday to impact more childrens lives and I am so excited. So everyone see you in a week again.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Week One(Staff Training)

Well if I were to say one thing about this week it would be wow...and like for real it was intense. Ok so this first week at the ranch was a staff training week where we learn and get ready for the summer....and ohhh boy was it ever intense. The services and worship were great. God has done so much this week...this is the most I have grown in a long time...I am definitly one a new level a higher one. I am a counsellor and the team I am on is amazing all the counsellors are amazing and we are already like family and I love it....there is so much unity within us its amazing...being out at the ranch feels so great you getting fed everyday and its like nothing else exist the rest of the world doesnt even matter when you are out there....and I didnt even go through internet withdrawls amazing eh...well my first week was amazing, intense and stretching. I am home for the weekend and I am happy cause now I get to see Jelea but I am sad at the same time it doesnt feel the same here. Its drier spirtually here but like I told Josh on the way home we can make it here like it is at the ranch. God is taking a lot out of my life and putting amazing things in...He has brought me amazing people out there that care about how I am and He has brought leaders to me that will help me at all times as well...for real its goin to be hard to come home at the end of summer. I love it out there...and now those of you who know that I was struggling with not wanting to go out there and probably saying I told you so...well I am glad I listened to God and I am glad He is in charge of my life and I am not cause look how badly I can screw it up. Anyways I am walking and talking different now God has taken me places I didnt even know I could go...if you all want more information on my week you can ask me in person and I will be glad to tell you its too much to type on here cause the week was amazing...well see you all next weekend.