Sunday, November 25, 2007

Be prepared...

What will you do when I am gone? Who will you ignore? Who will you come running to when everyone else has walked out? Who can you say whatever you want to and will still for you...even if you dont like them? Be prepared for the day I the place I dream my new a new a new province.

Most people dream of islands and beaches....I dream of tall buildings and an office...cement all around me that is paradise...I dream of buisness clothes where you may dream of a string bikini I dream to carry briefcase....with important papers.

When I am gone who will you try to control? Who will you make fun make yourself feel bigger? Who...when I am gone?

What I hope when I write these words and I leave this that you think of what you missed out on...the love and joy we longer exists...the relationships we had no longer are there...this emptiness resides...and I have moved my tall buildings and office spaces.

Be prepared....that day is comin soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dying in the church

People are always like we want more people in the churches…we want unity between the churches…we want to show people Jesus…we want to be more relevant…we want…we want…we want…what about what God wants?

There is a problem sweeping our nation that no one seems to think is a problem. Its growing churches and creating ways to be relevant where its no more about God its about numbers. Its about looking good and being the hottest thing out there. Its about what we have and what you don’t have…that’s not what it should be about.

Its time to fix a problem that most people are blind to…I would rather worship God in a shack with no instruments just voices and sitting on the floor listening to someone speak Gods word and feel full then to be in a huge church with huge screens and beautiful decorations and feel empty. I want God not man…I want to hear His word not what man thinks I should hear…I want to hear someone who can hear God…someone who will obey God and speak His word.

I want more people in the church but I also want relationship with them…I want relationship with the leaders of the church…I want family within the church so that you have support…I don’t fakeness.

Nothing is wrong with being relevant a lot is wrong with the look at me attitude. You may not even know you have that type of attitude…just look deep down in your heart and say what is my motive…why am I doing what I am doing?

Unity between churches is something I have always believed for…and apparently others have too like I said “apparently” but as soon as you say something that someone else has…someone has to defend it and say yeah but we have this…that’s not unity…why cant we work together why cant we help each other out with each others ministries? Don’t we serve the same God? Aren't we here for the same reason to bring heaven to earth and show people the life they could have with Jesus? That’s not what it looks like…the reason churches are not united is because of the men and women who want to say that they started something and don’t want to share it. That’s not unity and we wont be unified until pride steps out of the way.

We aren’t showin them Jesus we are showin them how to become prideful…we are showing them that you need to have a nice house and a nice car and to look great and to wear the hottest fashions to get anywhere in life…that’s not Jesus…I want to show people that if they are poor they can have Jesus if they are rich they can have Jesus…and yes God will bless us and he doesn’t want us to be poor…but its not only about that…its about so much more.

There is nothing wring with being relevant…being a big church…lookin good…or plain old just reaching out…just we need to do it with the right motive.

I will not stand to watch people die in the church…to watch people walk around confused and not knowing whats goin on…I will not watch people looked down upon because they don’t have the latest fashion.

Oh but don’t mention it to these churches cause nothing is wrong with them…they are perfect…and they will continue on with there beautiful look and continue growing in numbers…and they will let their people be walking zombies feeling crap…but as long as they keep growing they will see nothing wrong…bring the people in but how do you have relationship with 500 people not possible…don’t mention it to them they don’t want to hear it…they will keep making the outside look good and be blind to the inside but they will be the first to tell you what is wrong with staff are no different then politicians.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Video Blogging

This is my new thing...I am goin to do video blogs once in awhile so that you the readers can feel what I have to say. The face behind the words...enjoy.