Monday, March 29, 2010

My heart weeps

The lost and confused, the broken and abused, the lonely and rejected, the rich and the poor, they all need the One...and my heart cries out for them. Since I have moved to Montreal I have said that I have fallen in love with this city and really feel at home here...well thats true. But just recently I realized its not the city I have fallen in love with...its the people. The streets are filled with the most precious commodity...thats people. They live on the streets, they live in crappy houses, and some live in nice houses. This city is filled with diversity and culture...not just in the museums but in peoples homes. There are latin, lebanese, chinese, english, italian and french neighborhoods...yes there is fights and disagrements. But this city is amazing...all the world sees are statistics and poverty. I see love and hope. A hope that people thought is lost...but as I smile at the faces in the streets and notice them...not looking past them I pray they see this hope. Montreal is an amazing place...a place where you cant just come and not be changed. This place changes you takes you out of your comfort zone and provokes a holy anger. One where you know you just cant stand and watch the injustice around you. One where you are wanting to take action...prayer is great. I pray everyday for these people but its time for me to take action...its time for me to stand up for those that have been rejected byt the world. And I will I can tell you all that is on my heart tonight cause I dont even understand it all...but I will continue to keep you updated on this journey and the new dreams God has place in my heart and where I will be heading in the near future as my job is coming to an end in august I will have to find direction but I have a feeling I know where I am heading...prayers are apreciated and if you need a prayer or two drop me a line untill the change you want to see in this world yes I used that qoute but its true.