Thursday, December 25, 2008

Believe in a child

Every Christmas I have come on here and say that I dont like Christmas because in my household its more of a battle then a peaceful day...and that I love it tho because its Jesus's birthday the day He came into the world the day God knew He had to do something to save His people...but really thats not what I want to talk about...not at all...I want to encourage you my readers to believe in what...well santa of wait before you stop reading and listen up...look at a child...a small one...and what do they believe about Christmas...they believe that santa watches them in all they do and the days leading up to Christmas they try to be as good as they can...because they want that special toy they asked for...they believe one man flys around the world and hands out toys to all boys and girls...what if everyday of every month of every year we behaved because we thought we would get rewarded...this world could be different...a lot of children behave this way mainly in december some the year but most in decemeber...they believe in the good....they are innocent in all this...and we let them continue this way hoping they will grow up to be decent people...they have this faith that no one else can have...childlike faith...something I want you to have...I want you to believe in santa like a child does...and wake up Christmas morn with so much anticipation that it leaps out of you and your eyes I know some of you who read my blog dont believe in God or the same God I believe in...I know some of you doubt that He really exists...but I know He does...and it is my wish this Christmas that you at least believe in santa because we need to believe there is good in this world...and believing in santa with childlike faith is the same and my other Christian friends believe in God...we cant see Him...we also dont see santa...God gives us does santa...God watches us in all we do...apparently so does santa...there is only one difference...God really does live today...santa lived at one time in history the story of how he came about is really quite amazing...but God lives today...He still walks this earth and lives in all of us...and I know I am not gonna tell you to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savoiur...I am sure you have heard that enough...and I am not a pushy Christian...all I want is from you is to celebrate this day like a child...get excited...dream the snow eh go play in it even...hang with lots...and dont forget...just believe in the this day through the eyes of a child.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dreams, Blessing and Life

Ok so this is almost a little run off from my previous blog about being blessed...I recieved a plane ticket home for Christmas...something that has never happened to me...I never told my mom or many friends so it was a surprise and she almost cried and one of my best friends really did cry...and I didnt know I changed much at all untill I came home and people see it off me...I am living the dream...I am excited about life...and LOVE this journey I am on so much I dont even care about the destination...honestly...I have a great life and I thank everyone who has ever believed in me and I thank everyone who has sowed into me...even with their words....thank you to all...and have a great holiday season...and remember its not about what you get...its about what you give and what Jesus gave to you.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I would just like to mention how blessed I am...its been hard not to have a job here and walk in faith....not know if groceries were goin to be in your cupboards or rent in your hands...and every month I have full cupboards and rent paid...I get to start my job this week which is really exciting...and I have great friends here in Montreal and feel as if this is home...I also feel God is keeping me here longer then I thought...and I dont think He brought me here just for university...I also have some other praise reports but I cant tell you them right now...I will write about it next week...just wanted you all to know I am doing well...and am excited to see whats next.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My opinion

So I know I just wrote a blog but something has come to my attention and well this is my I can say whatever I want...also I live in Canada where my opinion can be stated without getting shot or killed some how...and I would like it to stay that way where my opinion if you know me well you know where I am goin with this blog...two words have gotten Canada's attention...COALITION GOVERNMENT...and now I have yours...well this is what it took for you to tune in...some radical move from the opposition...more Canadians are talking politics this week then I have seen ever...I was on the metro tonight and people my age all around me were talking coalition this coalition that...but I bet you they didnt vote in this past federal election...ok so if you are on my facebook then you know I am for this new, radical government...and I will state my reasons...but first I have can comment your opposing opinions...but no name calling...that isnt very mature...we are all entitled to our lets look at the numbers so 60% of Canadians went out to vote in this years federal election...30% of those people voted for Harpers government...the other half went to the Liberals and the NDP's and of course the 500 000 Liberal voters in Ontario stayed the question why did voters stay home? Most say its because they already knew the turnout so their vote wont count...ahh but your vote does count or at least it did...every vote a party gets thats money towards that party...but wait here is the kicker...Harper wants to get rid of that...therefore your vote really doesnt count...ahhh yes he says it will be better for our economy or as I read somewhere on someones facebook group...they dont need that money...well if they dont need that money how the heck are they going to run campaigns then...this is a weapon the Harper government is using so that other parties will be 70% of Canada did not vote for Harpers Conservative government...but wait you people for this government say the majority voted him in...thats not true is it? Well I guess you lose that argument...oh I love Canada because we are a democratic country...what? you say were not...of course we are...just becuase this coalition government is existing doesnt mean we are a communist country do you even know the difference between the two...cause I can list them lets see if I paid attention in my poli sci class....Communism believes that the state should own everything..which means no private ownership...well that sucks Communism believes in a classless that means you can work your butt off put you will make the same as the person who sits on their butt....Communism is associated with totalitarian government, such as those found in the former Soviet Union, China and North Korea. Totalitarian regimes are ruled by a single mass party that completly controls political and social institutions in an effort to attain an ideologocially driven goal...pretty much they dont care what the people say...well lets look at Democracy..well the defintion of democracy hasnt really been agreed upon..but I like Robert Dahl's defintion he classifies political regimes in two criteria: the degree of contestation of political power and the extent of popular participation in such contestation...then there is another belief that is also good and that is of Adam Przeworski he says that the government who wins doenst neccessarily have garunteed control over the power that they won and when the opposition figures this out they stay in the race because they always have a chance....well democracy only works if 100% of the people vote because then you will have the majority in power...again if you need someone to blame...blame the people of Canada and if you didnt vote where were you that day...its law that your boss has to give you time to vote so you cant use that as an have no right to complain about the government if you did not lets give this government a chance...lets support our country and instead of bickering and making facebook groups lets see what will happen lets wait till Dec 8th and then lets see what is the big problem here...this is different opinions coming together to work together..unity in Canada we want that...the Harper government is not a team player and thats why they are scared...they may have had a stronger minority but to them they still lost because they want a majority I am not happy that Dion will be leader untill May...but I will support just like I have supported Harper and I didnt vote for him...what makes me laugh is that this is what woke Canada up...this is what grinds everyones gears....crazy....well next time vote...whatever happens I will support it...and I laugh everytime I see the word coalition...because it really does scare me to not know what is going to happen...who knows we may actually be having Christmas at the poll that what you want?