Saturday, October 08, 2011

Things I have learned in Montreal

Wow its been awhile since I blogged and I need to continue doing it as its a great stress reliever.

I have been reflecting a lot on life as a chapter is about to end and a new one start. My life has been interesting and weird at times but I love it. So here is what I have learned in the past 3 years.

Things I learned while living in Montreal. First thing I would like to say its an amazing place that you definitely need to check out once in your life. Its a passionate and free place. Its a place you can be yourself and be accepted.

So the first thing I learned is be yourself. You aren't going to be happy trying to be someone else. Watching everyone in this city be themselves...people who wouldn't be accepted in other places. Even though I don't agree with their lifestyle at least they are themselves.

Second thing is see the beauty even in what seems ugly. This city looks dirty at times there is garbage and homeless and other things all over the place. But this city is so beautiful...there are hidden treasures and secret get aways. It can be some hole in the wall coffee shop or some busy parc. There is so many places and things to do that make life amazing here.

Another thing I learned...stop and take a breather. This whole city is chill. People aren't really in a hurry. Some will just sit all day on the benches and watch the world go by. Its really great.

One of the main things I learned here is the french language....its beautiful and its amazing. I am so happy to know a second language and be able to speak to a people who seem misunderstood. Language is important...and this will take me into something else I learned here and that is french Canadians are misunderstood by the rest of Canada. Its not their fault its just we don't speak the language...and I don't mean french. Communicating is more then language...its listening as well and its finding out what people actually need. The french Canadians just want to be listened to...and we need to listen with compassion. Because the french language is beautiful.

There is many more things I have learned while living here its not possible to write everything that 3 years has taught me. I have changed thoughts and opinions and my look. If there is one thing that I know its that I am a changed person that will be coming back to Alberta.

This has been a great experience and I know I have learned the things I was supposed to learn. I am very excited about the next chapter in my life. Cant wait to see what happens in the next 3 or so years and where life takes me.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Runners Battle

Running is a blast and its great exercise. But your opponent is mean and viscous and can really tear you down. You get out there and your doing well and your opponent whom I call the enemy smiles at you and says you cant do this. Give up now...I will win. You start slowing down and you realize you are in over your head. Then your opponent says ha ha told you so just stop why put yourself through this. You start to wonder why you started in the first place...then you speed up. You see the person on the side lines cheering your name then you realize I can do this. The enemy gets even worse and says things like...your body will hurt after this, your not gonna get a PB...your gonna make a fool of yourself. But you just gotta shut out that opponent and keep going. You have to remember the amazing feeling of accomplishment you get after this race.

And you thought running was a solo sport. Well mostly it is...the opponent is yourself. During a race or just an everyday run you can convince yourself you suck more then anyone else can. You can be the worst thing for yourself. But you can also be the person who build you up as well. For me I am very good at convincing myself I will never get better so why even try. But I know I have gotten better.

Positive thinking is half the battle...yes you need to get into shape and all that...but just thinking you can do it really helps.

Another thing that has helped me a lot is the fact I am surrounded by people who are encouraging...joining a club was the best thing I did.

Every week I know I am hard on myself and I do get upset if I haven't beatin a time that I am convinced I can do but I just want to be the best...I want to be an amazing runner. I know with time I will succeed my goals. I am still running with that pain in my sides that is off and on. But I am not letting it stop me.

So for 2011 I am going to do as many 5km races as I can and I am going to do my first Half Marathon. For my 5km my goal is to break 25min...I know I can do this. I know that I am only do them at 29 right now but I believe I can do this. And that's half the battle.

So if you read my blogs then continue this journey with me and lets see where I end up this year in the running scene. And as long as I get out there I know I already won the battle.