Monday, May 28, 2007

By me

Freedom taking love beyond the one with knowledge-Nicole

Something I wrote take it how you want...

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well it’s almost the middle of 2007 and I am sitting here lookin at my friends blogs and reading things and stuff and I stop to think…these friends that I am reading about…I only see on the computer screen…these were the people I spent every weekend with…these were the people that were always at my house playing games mainly mafia…but these were the people I called true friends who have been there for me at all times…now I read about there lives on a computer screen…now I sit here and wonder where did all that go…what happened?

I have a completely different group of friends…a completely different life…and a completely different future…and they aren’t in it…I read about there lives on the computer screen and randomly catch them on msn…but I don’t see them in person even tho some live in Medicine Hat…I don’t ever talk to them on the phone…even the ones who say they are my best don’t call…my life has changed completely…and I don’t even know that Nicole I used to be.

Now some of you may look at this as a good thing cause it means change…it means I have grown it means my faith is in God…but where did they go…why don’t I get to see them…and when will our paths meet?

These were the friends I entrusted my life in…these were the friends I knew would back me up…they would fight for me…they would kick me in the butt when needed…but was I moving?

I can honestly say I wasn’t…I can honestly say I was just living a life…nothing spectacular…these were also the friends who said are you sure you want to do that…these were also the friends who said I cant do things…these were the friends who laughed at my ideas…these were the friends who gave me weird looks when I said I wanted to be a politician…these were the friends who couldn’t dream with me…now don’t get me wrong not all of them were like that…but was I moving?

No…I wasn’t…am I now? Yes I am…the life I have now is filled with people who believe in me…filled with people who I can really trust…filled with a future…filled with people who will fight for my dreams…who will stand beside them…these are the people who truly get it…who truly know how to be a friend…now again not all of them do…but there are a special few that I know…I can really trust.

The difference between then and now is…I am a passionate person…I am one who can dream…I will grab something and run with it and conquer it…I will succeed in anything I try to do…but back then…if I brought an idea to the table it was shot down fast…if I mentioned something we should change it was laughed at…if I opened my mouth they would roll their eyes and go…oh here she goes again…I literally felt stupid and a failure…and that I lost…and that they wouldn’t even care if I wasn’t there…life would go on.

Some of the people I hang out with now…I open my mouth and they get excited to hear what I have to say cause its goin to be a great idea…they like to hear it…the dream and believe with me…they will help me reach my goals…and when I forget to dream they remind me of what God has placed in my heart…they get it…they know how to be a friend...I feel like I can take on the world with them…I feel like anything I deal with is small cause I have an army to help take it out…I can dream.

Now again don’t get me wrong…I truly loved everything I had with those friends and I truly love what I have with these friends…but when I look at my life now…who would have thought I would be where I am today…I wasn’t even supposed to make it past 18…I wasn’t supposed to be the one that has no kids and graduated college…no that’s not what people had said I would do…they were wrong…I proved to them that I am more then a conquer…and that my Daddy has my back.

Nobody truly knows the dreams and visions in my heart…the things I want to do…the brains I actually have…and the guts to do it all…nobody knows…but soon they will see…that there is more to me then I ball of energy…there is more to me then the loud person nobody likes…there is more…and it will be seen that I am a…pioneer.

Legally Blonde 2 and taking on the world

Who would think that you would get amazing revelation out of a simple movie like Legally Blonde you are thinkin what the heck??? Legally Blonde 2 no way...well I could write an entire book on how this movie is insipiring and can impact many women to go for their dreams...I could show you the times when she takes on the world no matter what anyone says no matter who stands in her way...she doesnt change who she is...she doesnt compramise situations...she believes what she believes and stands her ground...and she didnt stop in her own city she took it to the biggest people she could think of...Washington

Ok now on to the explaining because by this point some of you are standing there goin uhh ok Nikki has lost it this time...Well for those of you who have seen the movie knows that she is a laywer and that she worked really hard in the first movie to get where she is...well in this movie she wants to get a bill passed that stops animal testing...there are so many people who dont take her serouisly and are against her...she decides to do things her way and not the way the world wants her to do things...she does in an unconvential way...a way no one else would even think of doing becfause they would be afraid of what people would say...for a bit in the movie she thought she lost her voice and was like no I am goin to use my own voice...there was a qoute in this movie that strummed a chord in my heart and that was "an honest voice is louder then a your voice"

This girl in this movie is constantly reminded of what she needs to do...and thats finish what she started and she ends up getting favor with people there and she is not alone and has great friends who are willin to help her...she is making new trails...she is a pioneer

Pioneer as defined in the dictionary is
a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others.
one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress:

now she started new things...she was relevent...she has wisdom...she was unconventional...she changed the world...she made a way for others...she made a mark...and they will always remeber her even when she has passed...the will always remember Elle Woods.

During this entire movie all I could think of was Superchick's song-Me against the world...then at the end they play the was amazing.

This is who I want to be...not the pink in the purse carring...sorority ring wearing girl no...I want to be the world changer...I want to be the one who is relevent...the one who does whatever they want...and doesnt care what people think...I want to be a pioneer...for some reason thats the word thats in my heart...Pioneer...thats what I want...I am a pioneer

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When will you notice?
Notice the way I look at you
They way I laugh at everything you say
Everyday I hang out with you I always wonder
When will you notice?
The way I compliment you on your style
Notice the way I do what you want
Everyday I try…
To get you to notice
They way I support you in your dreams
They way I am always there for you
You notice all the others around you
You notice the pretty…slim perfect ones
When will you notice me?
Standing here waiting for you to notice me
You look so hard and want what I want
You dream like I dream
You vision what I vision
When will you notice that…
I am standing right here

Nicole Andrews

Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh yes blogging

Hmm yes I havent really blogged in awhile...cause really there has been no ispiration or anything to blog about...but here is an update on my weekend...friday...I went out with a couple of friends and played pool...on saturday was a very eventful day of shopping and I bought new shoes...ha ha like I need new shoes but they make me happy and so I had to get them...and then I went bowling on saturday night...yes people the very thing I hate to do I actually did...I went bowling and actually had a great time...I was trying to perfect this girls technique a couple of lanes over who sucked more then I do...and well by the end of the night I had the swing and drop technique down pat...ha ha...then sunday went to church as usual and then lunch...and then had one of the greatest nights much laughing and fun we played board games and the watched a movie it was good times...then today I went shopping with some friends and another great time...and now I am chillaxin and about to go play pool with some friends and tomrrow is another great day of shoppping and gettin ready for when I go to the ranch...ohh great fun then wednesday its back to work so thats the short update on the life of Nikki...and dont worry so great writing is brewing in my head and you my readers will have somethin great to read soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Time as defined in the dictionary means the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another. may have a lot of may have barely any...its that one thing that is constantly changing....that one thing you really have no control over...people tell you do you have time to do this...what time can you come...I dont have much time do you need...what time is it...this is how much time I am giving time can mean different things to different people.

Time could be the longest space between two destinations...time could also be too short and you wish you had more of it...time could be the difference between life and death...time could kill or heal...time can be a weapon or hope.

Time...what is time...what does time mean to you dread it...or do you look forward to you take advantage and live every day...every hour....every minute...and every second to its you take every moment in life and cherish it...or do you throw time away and waste if there is always goin to be more...but thats not the case...time does run out...your life on earth is not do run of time. as if its the shortest distance between two places.

Friday, May 11, 2007

World changers in the grave

It is midnight I am in my room listening to the sound of a kitten playing in the dark...the only light is the light emitting from my laptop...and inspiration and creativity...and swirling thoughts have entered my head.

William Blake had this great qoute that I very much enjoyed "I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; / I will not reason and compare: my business is to create." I read this qoute and was like wow...yes a man that knows where my heart I decided to look this man up and see who he was.

He was alive from November 28th 1757- August 12th this man had some far out ideas and some of them were truth and some not...but he was only human and cannot be right all the time...but one thing that was said about him was great and here it is Blake believed that the joy of man glorified God and that the religion of this world is actually the worship of he believed this in his time...look at the dates again 1757-1827...that was a long time ago....and yet churches today are just starting to realize religion is not of God...churches today are just starting to change mindsets...its crazy this man who has been dead for a long time now was not accepted and acknowledged in his time...but in 2007 people are putting ideas he has created and poems he has written are being read now and accepted...crazy isnt it.

Well most people who are famous are famous after their time...and most people who are world changers like this man...are world changers after they are already gone and they dont see the difference their words have made...sad at times...but great also because their words live on...God changed somethin through them that stands time...and thats whats amazing about it.

I want to change the world...I am a world changer...and most of the time people dont see eye to eye with my opinions and sometimes my opinionated spirit gets in the way and in trouble but...reading about this man gives me hope that maybe the words I speak the ideas I have and the things I want to change...will happen and I may not get to see it...but I know its in Gods hands and He will see it come to pass...and all will be good.

I have big become a see Canada changed...and to get ideas of mine out there so that we can better this country...but if I never become a politician I pray that my words dont go to the grave with me...and that they will live on.

My advice to you is write your thoughts and ideas down...dont let them be stuck with you...dont let them be hidden...because this world may need them...this world may not need them now...but the future generations may need them...and you wouldnt want to fail them would you.

One last thought before I many great many cures to many world changing ideas are in our grave sites today?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

What have I become?

So today...yes today I had a thought...a revelation...a epipahny...a truth finding moment...whatever you would call a moment...a moment where your standing outside yourself looking in...and saying is that really this really my I but for real...when did I become this person.

Now you are probably wondering what person I am talking about well lets paint the picture for when I had this thought I was standing in my church...worshipping my God...around my Christian friends...being there for the younger generation...praying they would find God...through things we did....and by speaking Gods word.

Doesnt sound out of the ordinary to any of you now does it...well thats becuase most of my readers have only known me for a short time...and all of you have known me as this...Nicole who is a Christian who is going to change the world...and spread Gods word...yes thats

Lets travel back hmmm about lets go....8 years...would have put me in about grade I was the kid in school who was the skeptic...that may actually be a good thing...I wasnt a very nice kid...some would say I was a jerk...the one who would pick on you for no good reason...just because I didnt like you...I did not like what I called BIBLE THUMPERS....yes those were the kids who wore God on their sleeves...those were the kids who made it known that they were sold on Jesus Christ...those were the kids who said "I may not be cool in your eyes but I am in Gods eyes" ha ha LAME...anyways I was always very skeptical of those kids...and wondered what their garbage was cause every one has dirty laundry...they always tried to get you to go to church...and listen to their music...and they actually wanted you to hang out with them...ha ha me...not a chance...I wouldnt be caught dead hangin with them...I was the one kid that played it cool...only did what the others were doing cause it was cool...didnt want to leave the pack....well thats who I was...I didnt like the bible thumpin...scripture qoutin...cross carrin...satan bashin...JESUS FREAKS.

So I was standing my church...worshipping my God...around my Christian friends...being there for the younger generation...praying they would find God...through things we did....and by speaking Gods word....what the hell....when did I become a bible thumpin...scripture qoutin...cross carrin...satan bashin...JESUS FREAK?

I have become everything I had boycotted in my past...I have become the very thing I didnt like...and living this life as if I know nothing its I have been doing it all my life...I am a Jesus I am not saying this is a bad thing...this is just a relization...something I noticed standing outside myself watching me around the younger generation worshipping my God...

I am a Christian...and damn proud of it ;)

Ohhh I swore a couple of times in this one...get over it...religion is dead...I'm over it

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So I realized its been awhile since I blogged...well whats been up in Nikki's life...lets see I got my wisdom teeth out on monday yeah that was no fun...I was extremly scared and then when I left I was like what the heck why was I scared...anyways its been an interesting time since then...I havent been able to eat much...mainly pudding and apple some of you that might sound fun to me who has grown to love food it is not fun...I have all this yummy food that I would love to eat but I went to the mall today to get some groceries...and I tried eatign soup in the food court ha ha funniest thing you would have ever seen...I as spilling it and it just was missin my mouth...this weird lady was watchin me lookin at me funny but eh I couldnt help it I have a fat face sheesh...anyways I am hoping that the swelling goes down soon cause I dont like it...I have one more day of rest before I have to go back to work so thats pretty good...well thats a little update on me...I will update you more when I am not on T3'S and not so tired.