Wednesday, December 28, 2005

On my mind

Well college is starting up again next week not like I want to go. I really hate school why you ask...well lets see I am not good at school I get horrible grades and it makes me feel stupid. I am good at my job but the school part I am not so good at and thats what sucks. And then something else that bugs me is people that think they are smarter than you. On a regular basis I feel dumb because I feel like everyone else is smarter. And then people wonder why I never want to see people anymore. Certian people in my life think that I can't do anything and that really bugs me. They think I am not very smart and then they make fun of me for giving wrong answers or doing something wrong. Anyways enough whining about that I want to talk about something else that has been on my mind. I have troubles sleeping like almost every night and it affects my job. The thing is I pray that I have good sleeps and I know a few other people that are praying for me to sleep well and its not working. I dunno what to do anymore. I thought when you ask God something He is supposed to help you with it and I don't understand why He would let me be tired for work. It is starting to get really annoying and I am ready to just give up and do things my way then maybe I will get some sleep. I love my God and I know what He can do for me I just wonder sometimes why. Well thats all I have to say I hope I didn't whine to much these are just things that are on my mind.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Well its Christmas today and I went to my mom's house woohoo....not really. Christmas in my family is not fun. Well it is for the first five minutes then everyone gets on everyone's nerves and they all start arguing. I just wish my family would celebrate this day like it was meant to be celebrated. It's Jesus's Birthday and we should acknowledge that but nope that's not what my family does all they care about is what they get for presents. And then after the presents are opened they all start fighting like come on we are all adults. Then they wonder why I never go over there to visit them. Hmm let me think about this for a second. I just wish for one day they can just all get along and not fight. It tears us apart and it sucks. My stress level has been high all month and going there did not help it.

On another note isn't it great to celebrate the day that our savior came into the world. I was really excited when I was thinking about that this morning. Like for real if Jesus hadn't come into the world and gave His life for us we would all be going to hell. Now this is an amazing day for me and I am happy to celebrate it. So Jesus Happy Birthday. And to everyone else Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

How old is the earth really?

So I was reading a story to some children at work today and it was about dinosaurs. In this book it talked about how millions and millions of years ago these dinosaurs roamed the earth. Then I remembered this conversation that my friends and I had the other night on how the earth can't be that old. Cause you see Jesus died 2000 years ago. And the earth wasn't that before Jesus. So how in our children's books and in text books in schools can we tell them that dinosaurs were here millions and millions of years ago. Do you know what the earth would look like? It would be way more deteriated then it is. I wonder if there is a way to really find out how old the earth really is. And if its not that old why...why is it in the books that children read? Why are we lying to them? No wonder they have troubles believing when they get older we have no reason for them to trust us. Well it is just something on my mind. Nikki Out!

Another new blog

Well this is another new blog that I have and I am going to put my thought and opinions on here. I love sharing what I think so that is what this blog spot is going to be about. I also love to here what you have to say about what I have to say so feel free to comment. Well I am out and will post soon.