Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on my life

Well I guess its time for an update in the life of Nikki...well you see I am in love with my city and everything I have here...I have never in my life felt more accepted more loved and more cared about then I do here...I have witnessed unconditional love...I have seen real Christianity...I have turned a new leaf in my life...I am working out and eating better and seeing and feeling instant results...Montreal has changed my life in many thing I have learned here is to be who you want to be...and dont let anyone convince you to be someone else...people are so passionate and free here...God is doing awesome things in this city and its exciting to see it and to be used by Him...I never thought in my life that I would be at this point...what you point you ask...the point of no return...I used to live a rollercoaster Christianity...but I have walked across the line of no return and have grown and gotten deeper where there is no going back...I no longer live in ups and downs...its an incline from here...God has shown me many things here like that I am not a sinner saved by grace...I am righteous...and that nothing can touch me as long as I stay in His strong tower...and I have always known I am a child of God...but dude I am a child of for real my Father is the creator of the universe and He loves me more then anyone could...He cares about me more then anyone...He is jealous for me...He wants all of me...and I have given all to Him...honestly I am just livin my life for Him and no longer my selfish desires...God is good...I have found Him more here then anywhere else in my Christian walk...everyday I am amazed at what He can do and I have gained a new hunger for His word...I love chillin with Him the most...and well I just love my this is just a little update on how great I am is good...and I just encourage you to dig deep...cause once you do you will be hooked and thats the place where you will stand strong...thats the place where you will be able to fight and not back down...when the enemy comes you will be able to kick him where it counts cause you have an army on your have God...and if you have God what can touch you...nothing.