Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My new passion....running

Its funny I have always been a runner...I used to run from everything...commitments, responsiblity and even myself. But I am talking about the physical act of running. I have been in this club now for four weeks...and honestly I love it. Its hard and its challenging...but I love that I am getting better...and that I am doing it. The coach is amazing...and I have quit yet which is also amazing...and I dont plan on quitting. The coach pushes and encourages...I know without her I wouldnt have been able to do tonight. I would have quit the workout. Also what I like is I have something to do and go to thats my own. Well there are others out there...but I mean no one is there from my circle only me and I love it...I feel like I have something to call my own...and people I get to see every week that are out of my circle and they are soooo funny and they are great to be around. I love that even the seasoned runners encourage you to keep going...they are so great. Honestly I cant brag about them enough. I am hoping to be able to run some races in the fall. The coach thinks I can but she has a bit more faith in me then I do. Running is great excercise for those of you who dont do it you should try...its really fun and you dont really need to be amazing just do it. I am sitting here now drinking a beer to reward myself for even going to the track in a plus 43 day wow it was hot today. Its not the heat that really gets me its the humidity...that sucks. That part makes me angry...I even yelled at it on the track then wanted to cry....haha sometimes my emotions are up and down when I run but always after I am in the greatest mood and just love life endorphines are great. Well that is all for me tonight my brain is tired...I will post more of this experiance up another time...but untill next time I really encourage you to do something active it doesnt have to be running it can just be walking but get out feel really great about yourself when do it.