Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The only thing I can think about lately is running. When I am in a bad mood I wanna run because it helps. When I am in a good mood I wanna run cause its fun. Even when I am in a lazy mood I think of somethin maybe not running but something that invloves working out. I have been going to the gym a lot lately and just really working on being the best runner I can be. I want to take the 2011 racing season by storm. I did really well this year in my first 6months of running which I still cant believe I have held on this long its amazing.

You learn a lot of things about yourself when you pick up something like this. You learn what you are willing to go through to succeed. I was still running for months with a pain in my side. After tests its still undetermined what it is. But in the last couple of weeks it also hasnt been there so I dunno. Also I am not one of the fastest runners in my club heck I might even be the slowest but I still work hard. I want to be a faster runner thats my goal. I want to be able to do 5kms super fast. I will also be doing my first half marathon in the fall of next year which is cool.

The most interesting part is the battle that goes on in the mind when racing. Your body is telling you to stop and sometimes your head is almost convinced...but there is this other voice telling me to keep going. One time during track one of the women told me just to keep going and never stop and so I always think of that and I dont stop....even if I have to run slower I am still running. If your brain tells your body it can keep going it can.

We just had our end of the year party for our club and it was awesome. It really is like a family our little running family. Everyone is so great and fun to chill with. I just let myself go and had fun with all of them which I am still learning to be myself with them. I have been a quiet one and anyone who knows the real Nikki knows thats not the case. I am not quiet be no means. But I am letting that Nikki out bit by bit there. I am super comfortable with a bunch of them and am meeting more and more runners in the club that are just a blast to chill with.

Now that I am 6months into this running adventure it has no longer become something I think I will do for awhile but it has become a lifelong adventure to me. I know it...I love it. Which will be like the first thing I never started and quit. This is my new lifestyle and I am a runner.

Going into 2011 I have many goals for my running and other things but I will write an end of the year blog in a week. I just decided to write a new blog cause I havent kept it up in the last couple of months but said I would. That is one of my goals for 2011 is to keep this up so you all know what is going on in my life and thoughts...near or far. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and dont forget why we actually celebrate this day.

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